Jahan Dotson Gets Useful Advice from Ron Rivera

Jahan Dotson was just drafted a week ago and yet he already displays a ridiculously strong work ethic. So much so, that he was actually planning on skipping his graduation ceremony at Penn State in order to get to practice. As his plan was rapidly approaching, head coach Ron Rivera caught wind of it. DotsonContinue reading “Jahan Dotson Gets Useful Advice from Ron Rivera”

Colts Trade Carson Wentz to the Commanders

Carson Wentz is on the move once more. The former first round draft pick got traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts last season. After just one uneventful year with the Colts, he has been flipped again. This time he is headed to the Washington Commanders. The deal won’t officially be finalized untilContinue reading “Colts Trade Carson Wentz to the Commanders”

Washington NFL Team Changed to the Commanders

No longer will we have to worry about the days of the Washington Football Team. The organization just announced that they have picked the Washington Commanders as their new team’s name moving forward. The franchise was forced to change their original name due to pressure from the sponsors. People were starting to feel like theirContinue reading “Washington NFL Team Changed to the Commanders”