Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft

As shocking as it may sound, Darren Waller could be on the move very soon. It really did come out of nowhere, but Waller made headlines once it was announced that the Green Bay Packers were in talks with the Las Vegas Raiders for his services. The report had made it sound like the RaidersContinue reading “Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft”

Tyreek Hill Shockingly Traded To Miami Dolphins

The Tyreek Hill era in Kansas City is now over. In a shocking turn of events, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to ship the superstar wide receiver over to the Miami Dolphins. This offseason has already been titled the most entertaining of all-time, and this trade just keeps that going. It was reported that theContinue reading “Tyreek Hill Shockingly Traded To Miami Dolphins”

Colts Trade Carson Wentz to the Commanders

Carson Wentz is on the move once more. The former first round draft pick got traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts last season. After just one uneventful year with the Colts, he has been flipped again. This time he is headed to the Washington Commanders. The deal won’t officially be finalized untilContinue reading “Colts Trade Carson Wentz to the Commanders”

Russell Wilson Gets Traded to the Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson trade rumors have been flying around for weeks now but it has finally happened. The Seattle Seahawks decided that they were going to trade their superstar quarterback to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a massive haul of players and picks. Some reports say that the Washington Commanders had offered a large dealContinue reading “Russell Wilson Gets Traded to the Denver Broncos”

Carolina Panthers Could Trade Offensive Weapons

The Carolina Panthers are coming off a very rough season. They started out hot but injuries and inconsistent offensive play really started to take them down a hill. As they enter into the offseason, there are starting to be a lot of rumors about what they might do. Among those rumors is the possibility thatContinue reading “Carolina Panthers Could Trade Offensive Weapons”