The 49ers NEED To Extend Nick Bosa

The San Francisco 49ers got an absolute gem in Nick Bosa. The defensive end was instantly recognized as a superstar in the league after being drafted. He has won a few awards already and was a massive reason why the 49ers were able to make it into the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago.Continue reading “The 49ers NEED To Extend Nick Bosa”

Frank Gore Officially Retires

Frank Gore is finally deciding to hang up the cleats. The NFLs third all-time leading rusher just told reporters that he is going to be retiring. His plan is to sign a one-day contract with the San Francisco 49ers in order to retire with the organization. The 49ers, as most of you know, are theContinue reading “Frank Gore Officially Retires”

Rams Shut Down 49ers Miraculous Playoff Run

All good things must come to an end, the Los Angeles Rams just stopped the San Francisco 49ers miraculous playoff run. After taking down the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, both on the road, the 49ers took the trip to face the Rams for the third time this season. Los Angeles lost theContinue reading “Rams Shut Down 49ers Miraculous Playoff Run”

49ers Upset Packers Again!

The San Francisco 49ers have done it again! The Divisional Round saw the 49ers take on the Green Bay Packers for the fourth time in the postseason during Aaron Rodgers tenure there. In all four of those matchups, the 49ers have emerged victorious. This game was no different as they were able to take theContinue reading “49ers Upset Packers Again!”

49ers Edge Cowboys Amidst Controversial Ending

The San Francisco 49ers shocked a lot of people by eliminating the Dallas Cowboys from the playoffs this weekend. The 49ers started the game off with a 10-0 lead at the end of the first quarter, by halftime it was at 16-7. The 49ers stretched it out to 23-7 but couldn’t score the rest ofContinue reading “49ers Edge Cowboys Amidst Controversial Ending”