Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL

There are a ton of crowded position groups in the NFL today. Which is why we will be going over a couple of them to figure out who can shine the most. These positions range from quarterbacks to wideouts and even some running backs. Teams And Their Position Groups New York Jets The Jets haveContinue reading “Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL”

JuJu Smith-Schuster Chose Chiefs in Order to Win

JuJu Smith-Schuster fought his back onto the field at the end of last season just to lose in the Wild Card Round. The Pittsburgh Steelers were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs in blowout fashion. Smith-Schuster then headed into free agency, where his market was surprisingly little. It was announced yesterday that he would beContinue reading “JuJu Smith-Schuster Chose Chiefs in Order to Win”

Five NFL Players That Need a Change of Scenery

NFL players can often times get frustrated with their current environments. This forced poor play and just an unhappy situation all-around. Now that we are heading into the offseason, we will take a look at five players that will probably benefit from heading to a different team. NFL Players That Need to Leave The firstContinue reading “Five NFL Players That Need a Change of Scenery”

Chiefs Throttle Steelers for Second Time this Season

The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t overlook their opponent in this Wild Card matchup whatsoever. They knew that the Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t terrible, and their focus helped them dominate them for the second time this year. Neither team scored a point in the first quarter, and halfway through the second the score was knotted up atContinue reading “Chiefs Throttle Steelers for Second Time this Season”

Mike Tomlin Falls Asleep Watching Chargers-Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were all on the edge of their seat the entire night watching the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders battle it out…except for Mike Tomlin. The Steelers head coach admitted that he dozed off while watching the game that would determine whether or not they would make the playoffs this year.Continue reading “Mike Tomlin Falls Asleep Watching Chargers-Raiders”