Panthers Won’t Announce Starting Quarterback

The Carolina Panthers have been a big story this offseason. Particularly when it comes to which quarterback will be announced as the starter for Week 1. There is going to be a pretty heated duel between Sam Darnold and the newly traded for Baker Mayfield. However, head coach Matt Rhule stated that he doesn’t planContinue reading “Panthers Won’t Announce Starting Quarterback”

Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL

There are a ton of crowded position groups in the NFL today. Which is why we will be going over a couple of them to figure out who can shine the most. These positions range from quarterbacks to wideouts and even some running backs. Teams And Their Position Groups New York Jets The Jets haveContinue reading “Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL”

Giants Hoping To Gear Offense Around Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones has had quite an eventful first couple of seasons in the NFL. At times he has looked promising. Other times he has looked like he shouldn’t be starting. Nevertheless, the New York Giants are giving him one more opportunity to show that he belongs as a starter. The organization has brought in aContinue reading “Giants Hoping To Gear Offense Around Daniel Jones”

DK Metcalf Absent from Mandatory Minicamp

The Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf wasn’t present for the start of mandatory minicamp. It was reported that he is choosing not to attend due to ongoing contract talks with the organization. Metcalf doesn’t want to play unless he is given a new deal, but negotiations have stalled for the time being. Metcalf may notContinue reading “DK Metcalf Absent from Mandatory Minicamp”

Dalvin Cook Preparing To Line Up At Receiver

Dalvin Cook is preparing to do something that nobody imagined heading into the offseason. He has officially been working on taking snaps at the wide receiver position to help out this offense even further. No, this isn’t a full-on position change for him. He will remain a halfback. However, it does seem like he couldContinue reading “Dalvin Cook Preparing To Line Up At Receiver”

Can The Cincinnati Bengals Replicate Last Season?

The Cincinnati Bengals had a miraculous season last year. It was expected that they would finish in dead last in the AFC North, but instead they won the division. Though they didn’t just stop there. Cincinnati kept their powered momentum flowing throughout the postseason. They marched all the way through the AFC Conference and intoContinue reading “Can The Cincinnati Bengals Replicate Last Season?”

Jahan Dotson Gets Useful Advice from Ron Rivera

Jahan Dotson was just drafted a week ago and yet he already displays a ridiculously strong work ethic. So much so, that he was actually planning on skipping his graduation ceremony at Penn State in order to get to practice. As his plan was rapidly approaching, head coach Ron Rivera caught wind of it. DotsonContinue reading “Jahan Dotson Gets Useful Advice from Ron Rivera”

Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft

As shocking as it may sound, Darren Waller could be on the move very soon. It really did come out of nowhere, but Waller made headlines once it was announced that the Green Bay Packers were in talks with the Las Vegas Raiders for his services. The report had made it sound like the RaidersContinue reading “Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft”

Should The Raiders Have Extended Derek Carr?

Derek Carr has been involved with a lot of rumors the last few seasons. Whether it is just fans speculating or the team hinting at looking at other options, the amount of noise just hasn’t been avoidable. However, the Las Vegas Raiders just delivered a statement that they are committed to their franchise quarterback. ItContinue reading “Should The Raiders Have Extended Derek Carr?”

The 49ers NEED To Extend Nick Bosa

The San Francisco 49ers got an absolute gem in Nick Bosa. The defensive end was instantly recognized as a superstar in the league after being drafted. He has won a few awards already and was a massive reason why the 49ers were able to make it into the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago.Continue reading “The 49ers NEED To Extend Nick Bosa”