Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft

As shocking as it may sound, Darren Waller could be on the move very soon. It really did come out of nowhere, but Waller made headlines once it was announced that the Green Bay Packers were in talks with the Las Vegas Raiders for his services. The report had made it sound like the RaidersContinue reading “Darren Waller Could Get Traded During NFL Draft”

Baltimore Ravens Concerned About Their Secondary

The Baltimore Ravens were hit hard by the injury bug last season. This time around, they aren’t getting complacent with how they are assembling their roster. Their general manager Eric DeCosta, just admitted that the team was definitely still concerned about their secondary moving into a new year. The Ravens are already set to getContinue reading “Baltimore Ravens Concerned About Their Secondary”

Sauce Gardner Shows Appreciation to His Mother

Sauce Gardner is one of the top cornerback prospects in this upcoming NFL Draft. He is surely to be drafted in the first round and be paid among the top rookies. The first thing that he wanted to do with his dream about to arrive is thank his mother for everything that she did forContinue reading “Sauce Gardner Shows Appreciation to His Mother”

Who Had the Best Rookie Class this Season?

Here we are going to look at the best rookie class from the NFL this past season. Also, it should be pointed out that the team with the best overall rookie may not even be at the top of the list. This is a list of best OVERALL draft classes, not a singular pick. Otherwise,Continue reading “Who Had the Best Rookie Class this Season?”

Who Is the Most Underrated NFL Draft Prospect?

There are a lot of underrated NFL Draft prospects at the moment. We are just now entering into the offseason and teams are starting to kick the tires on some of the prospects that will be available. However, there is one guy in particular that seems to catch my eye. He goes by name AhmadContinue reading “Who Is the Most Underrated NFL Draft Prospect?”

NFL Evaluators Have No Faith In 2022 QB Class

It isn’t a joyful day for any quarterback that is hoping to get their name called at the 2022 NFL Draft. Albert Breer started to report earlier today that NFL Evaluators in the league have little to no faith in the upcoming quarterback class. The full quote in his report read, “A couple of NFLContinue reading “NFL Evaluators Have No Faith In 2022 QB Class”