Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL

There are a ton of crowded position groups in the NFL today. Which is why we will be going over a couple of them to figure out who can shine the most. These positions range from quarterbacks to wideouts and even some running backs. Teams And Their Position Groups New York Jets The Jets haveContinue reading “Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL”

Tyreek Hill Shockingly Traded To Miami Dolphins

The Tyreek Hill era in Kansas City is now over. In a shocking turn of events, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to ship the superstar wide receiver over to the Miami Dolphins. This offseason has already been titled the most entertaining of all-time, and this trade just keeps that going. It was reported that theContinue reading “Tyreek Hill Shockingly Traded To Miami Dolphins”

Dolphins Plan to Build Offense Around Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa has had quite an up and down career. The former number five overall draft pick has been questioned heavily since entering the league. With an entirely different coaching staff taking over the franchise, there have been concerns regarding his future. Their new quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Darrell Bevell put those rumorsContinue reading “Dolphins Plan to Build Offense Around Tua Tagovailoa”

Miami Dolphins Offseason Needs

The Miami Dolphins are next up on this offseason needs series. Miami started off their past season terribly. However, they somehow rattled off about seven straight wins to only miss the postseason by one or two games. It was their second consecutive winning season for the first time since 2003 as well, with Brian FloresContinue reading “Miami Dolphins Offseason Needs”

Brian Flores Claims Dolphins Bribed Him to Tank

Brian Flores just filed a massive lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams. However, it is apparent that he isn’t quite done yet. Flores opened up about his time with the Dolphins and apparently, he was being offered money under the table that he wouldn’t accept. What was Brian Flores Offered? During hisContinue reading “Brian Flores Claims Dolphins Bribed Him to Tank”