NY Islanders Fire Barry Trotz

Lou Lamoriello strikes again. Another coach has been relieved of his duties. This time it’s Barry Trotz, the NY Islanders Head Coach who was well liked by fans and just about everyone on Long Island. The Islanders are coming off a miserable season. Yes, there were many hurdles that had to be jumped over thisContinue reading “NY Islanders Fire Barry Trotz”

Jim Harbaugh Says He’ll Never Return to the NFL

The former Super Bowl head coach Jim Harbaugh has been a hot commodity among NFL teams the last few weeks. However, he has ultimately decided that he doesn’t want to make a return to the pros this season. Though he went even further and announced that he is forever done with the league. He wantsContinue reading “Jim Harbaugh Says He’ll Never Return to the NFL”

Brian Flores Claims Dolphins Bribed Him to Tank

Brian Flores just filed a massive lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams. However, it is apparent that he isn’t quite done yet. Flores opened up about his time with the Dolphins and apparently, he was being offered money under the table that he wouldn’t accept. What was Brian Flores Offered? During hisContinue reading “Brian Flores Claims Dolphins Bribed Him to Tank”

First Day of Coaching Moves

With the NFL regular season coming to an end, it was the first day of coaching moves by teams out of the playoffs. The Chicago Bears were one of the first to strike, though it wasn’t really unexpected. They had fired both their head coach Matt Nagy and their general manager Ryan pace. Nagy hadContinue reading “First Day of Coaching Moves”