Can The Cincinnati Bengals Replicate Last Season?

The Cincinnati Bengals had a miraculous season last year. It was expected that they would finish in dead last in the AFC North, but instead they won the division. Though they didn’t just stop there. Cincinnati kept their powered momentum flowing throughout the postseason. They marched all the way through the AFC Conference and intoContinue reading “Can The Cincinnati Bengals Replicate Last Season?”

Five NFL Players That Need a Change of Scenery

NFL players can often times get frustrated with their current environments. This forced poor play and just an unhappy situation all-around. Now that we are heading into the offseason, we will take a look at five players that will probably benefit from heading to a different team. NFL Players That Need to Leave The firstContinue reading “Five NFL Players That Need a Change of Scenery”

News After Rams Defeat Bengals In Super Bowl

The Super Bowl came to an end earlier in the week. We got to see the Los Angeles Rams take down the Cincinnati Bengals after a late game stop to emerge as world champions. It was a close game throughout. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see Joe Burrow and this young Bengals team pull awayContinue reading “News After Rams Defeat Bengals In Super Bowl”

Bengals Shockingly Upset the Chiefs!!

The Cincinnati Bengals have officially pulled off the impossible. After years of struggling and placing at the bottom of their division, they are now about to play in the Super Bowl. Throughout this miraculous run, the Bengals were able to beat a number of great teams. They started by knocking off the Las Vegas Raiders,Continue reading “Bengals Shockingly Upset the Chiefs!!”

Bengals Knock Off Top Seeded Titans

The miraculous playoff run continues for the Cincinnati Bengals this season. One week removed from defeating the Las Vegas Raiders for their first playoff win in 31 years, they defeated the Tennessee Titans. This win was their first road playoff win in history up to this point. The fact that it came against the topContinue reading “Bengals Knock Off Top Seeded Titans”

Bengals Eliminate Raiders from Playoff Contention

The Cincinnati Bengals found a way to knock out the Las Vegas Raiders in the first NFL playoff game this season. Neither of these teams had been able to win a postseason matchup in years, but Joe Burrow’s Bengals were the ones to break that streak. Cincinnati won 26-19 but were winning practically the entireContinue reading “Bengals Eliminate Raiders from Playoff Contention”