Selke Trophy Finalists Have Been Named

The finalists for the Selke Trophy have officially been named in the NHL. This award is usually handed out to the forward who is voted the best when it comes to defense. The actual winner of this award isn’t going to be announced to the public until the 2022 NHL Awards which takes place closeContinue reading “Selke Trophy Finalists Have Been Named”

Monty Williams Wins Coach of The Year Award

Monty Williams just became the most recent winner of the NBA Coach of the Year award. The Phoenix Suns head coach will be getting himself the Red Auerbach Trophy because of this major accomplishment. Williams has never won this award in his career as a coach, which makes the moment that much more special. InContinue reading “Monty Williams Wins Coach of The Year Award”

Scottie Barnes Wins Controversial ROTY Award

Scottie Barnes just became the third player in Toronto Raptors history to ever take home the NBA Rookie of the Year award. The only other two players in franchise history to do so were Damon Stoudamire and Vince Carter. Some believe that Barnes was destined to win this award straight from the start. However, othersContinue reading “Scottie Barnes Wins Controversial ROTY Award”

29 Voters Predict Seven NFL Awards

A group of 29 voters recently got together to discuss their predictions on the upcoming NFL awards. The awards show is going to be airing on February 10th. It is set to be hosted by Keegan-Michael Key and will air on ABC at 9 p.m. ET. It should be noted that these awards are notContinue reading “29 Voters Predict Seven NFL Awards”