Welcome to the NFL section of Nightmare Sports. Here you can find practically everything that you may want to know regarding the professional sport. We make sure to keep tabs on all scores for certain weeks and even dive into a few key matchups to see how it all played out. Not to mention we let you in on any serious injury updates or breaking news stories that may have come out during the week. If you have NFL questions, we have answers.

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NFL Standings

AFC Conference StandingsRecordNFC Conference StandingsRecord
1. Tennessee Titans*12-51. Green Bay Packers*13-4
2. Kansas City Chiefs*12-52. Tampa Bay Buccaneers*13-4
3. Buffalo Bills*11-63. Dallas Cowboys*12-5
4. Cincinnati Bengals *10-74. Los Angeles Rams12-5
5. Las Vegas Raiders*10-75. Arizona Cardinals*11-6
6. New England Patriots*10-76. San Francisco 49ers10-7
7. Pittsburgh Steelers*9-7-17. Philadelphia Eagles*9-8
8. Indianapolis Colts*9-88. New Orleans Saints*9-8
9. Miami Dolphins*9-89. Minnesota Vikings*8-9
10. Los Angeles Chargers*9-810. Washington Football Team*7-10
11. Cleveland Browns*8-911. Seattle Seahawks*7-10
12. Baltimore Ravens*8-912. Atlanta Falcons*7-10
13. Denver Broncos*7-1013. Chicago Bears*6-11
14. New York Jets*4-1314. Carolina Panthers*5-12
15. Houston Texans*4-1315. New York Giants*4-13
16. Jacksonville Jaguars*3-1416. Detroit Lions*3-13-1
* means that their season has ended and that they are eliminated from playoff contention.
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