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Latest Posts

Best Summer League Players Of 2022 So Far

With the NBA Summer League officially underway, we are going to take a look at the best performers of the early games. Starting off with the first overall selection in the recent draft, Paolo Banchero. Paolo Banchero Banchero just participated in his first game against the Houston Rockets, and he was incredibly impressive. The six-foot,…

Takeaways From Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

With the NBA Finals wrapping up Game 3 of the NBA Finals, it’s only right that we take a look to see how everything is unfolding. For this most recent game, the Boston Celtics got the better of the Golden State Warriors. The recent victory gives them a 2-1 cushion in the series with Game…

Warriors Are Headed to The NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors have just made it into yet another NBA Finals series. They were able to knock out the Dallas Mavericks in five games to become the Western Conference champions. This journey back to the top wasn’t easy in the slightest though. In fact, some thought that we wouldn’t see the Warriors back…

Monty Williams Wins Coach of The Year Award

Monty Williams just became the most recent winner of the NBA Coach of the Year award. The Phoenix Suns head coach will be getting himself the Red Auerbach Trophy because of this major accomplishment. Williams has never won this award in his career as a coach, which makes the moment that much more special. In…


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NBA Standings

Eastern Conference StandingsCurrent RecordsWestern Conference StandingsCurrent Records
1. Chicago Bulls27-151. Phoenix Suns34-9
2. Miami Heat28-162. Golden State Warriors31-12
3. Brooklyn Nets27-163. Memphis Grizzlies31-15
4. Cleveland Cavaliers27-184. Utah Jazz 29-14
5. Milwaukee Bucks27-195. Dallas Mavericks25-19
6. Philadelphia 76ers 25-186. Denver Nuggets22-20
7. Charlotte Hornets24-207. Los Angeles Lakers22-22
8. Washington Wizards23-218. Minnesota Timberwolves21-22
9. Toronto Raptors21-209. Los Angeles Clippers22-23
10. Boston Celtics23-2210. Portland Trail Blazers18-25
11. New York Knicks22-2211. Sacramento Kings18-28
12. Atlanta Hawks18-2512. San Antonio Spurs16-28
13. Indiana Pacers15-2913. New Orleans Pelicans16-28
14. Detroit Pistons10-3214. Oklahoma City Thunder14-29
15. Orlando Magic8-3715. Houston Rockets13-32
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