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CS:GO Pros Left Unpaid After Improper Funding

A lot of CS:GO professionals were left without pay after some funding issues occurred during a recent tournament. The HCG Season 1 just started, and they promised their players a prize pool of €180,000. However, the event has left upwards of 40 players and organizers without any pay. On top of that, the tournament is…

Diablo: Immortal Severely Underwhelms Fans

The new Diablo: Immortal game got released on June 2nd, yet it has been bashed relentlessly by fans. The new Blizzard game fully embraces a pay to win mechanic that people aren’t taking kindly too whatsoever. Some had high hopes for this new release after the news broke about Microsoft buying out the company. As…

FIFA Could Be Swapping Developers

FIFA has been developed by EA Sports for decades now, but it seems like change could be coming. The sports franchise is currently in the final year of their licensing contract. Rumors have been saying that they are looking to move on when it’s over. It all started when EA Sports found themselves reportedly searching…

Facebook Gaming And Twitch Viewership Drops Again

Viewership for both Facebook Gaming and Twitch has reportedly declined for a third straight month. Numbers were just released for the month of April which continued the trend. The good news here is that these numbers are nowhere near as bad as they were back in 2020. Still, consistently dipping in viewership isn’t exactly what…

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