Figuring Out Crowded Position Groups In The NFL

There are a ton of crowded position groups in the NFL today. Which is why we will be going over a couple of them to figure out who can shine the most. These positions range from quarterbacks to wideouts and even some running backs.

Teams And Their Position Groups

New York Jets

The Jets have a stacked running back room. It is made up of Breece Hall, Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson. Now looking at this group last year, it was very obvious that Carter was the best and most explosive back that the team had. However, there have been reports coming out that Breece Hall is expected to get the lion’s share of the carries.

Hall was taken in this past NFL draft during the second round and has great size and patience for the running back position. Don’t be alarmed about Carter though, he won’t disappear in the offense by any means. After all, New York needs all the help they can get on offense. Plus, he ran for 639 yards on 147 carries, evening out to 4.3 yards a touch. If you’re the Jets, you can’t fizzle him out of the offense.

Miami Dolphins

We got another loaded running back room here in Miami. It’s currently made up of Raheem Mostert, Sony Micheel, Chase Edmonds and Myles Gaskin. It was very clear that they desperately needed help at the position last year. They were ranked 30th in the league in rush yards per game. Their new head coach seems to want to establish a strong rushing attack and utilize the new assets they brought in. Mostert is currently the favorite to lead the group in touches, but he’s been injury prone lately. He hasn’t had a full season since 2019, missing half of 2020 and getting just two carries in 2021.

If he can stay healthy, he’ll win the job. As for Michel, he is going to be more of a goal line type of worker. He’s got great power but not the most explosive runner on the field. Then we have Edmonds, the prototypical pass catcher out of the back field and third down back for the Dolphins. The real question mark of the offense is Myles Gaskin. On the surface, it doesn’t look like he fits anywhere here. He’s going to have to work his way into a role or else he might not last the offseason.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s talk about some quarterback rooms now. The Pittsburgh Steelers seems to be in position to smoothly transition from Ben Roethlisberger. Mitchell Trubisky looks loaded up to start for the team in Week 1. He’s been getting all of the first team reps and honestly deserves another shot at a starting role.

The team is likely going to jump on any opportunity to replace him with Kenny Pickett though. Fans usually demand that the rookie first round quarterback starts at some point in the year. Especially if they aren’t winning as much as they would like. The same situation will be applying here. Unfortunately, Mason Rudolph doesn’t really figure into any of this. He’s likely not going to be on the field much and isn’t even set to be a backup. It’s looking like he’ll be a healthy scratch most of the time unless he has a stellar offseason.

Carolina Panthers

The next quarterback room is the Carolina Panthers. Their head coach Matt Rhule said that if the season were to start today, Sam Darnold will be their quarterback. There is still a lot of time left between the start of the season and now though. He is in a tough battle with rookie Matt Corral and P.J. Walker. Darnold has been known as a streaky quarterback with a turnover prone style of play.

Meanwhile, the same situation will apply here as it did Pittsburgh. Fans will want to see Corral in action if Darnold can’t perform well for the second straight year. Unfortunately, this puts Walker on the outside looking in. However, the Panthers could be so desperate for a consistent starting quarterback that he might find the field at some point.

Green Bay Packers

Finally, we are going to talk about a wide receiver room. The Green Bay Packers are a mixed bag of talent. Especially since Davante Adams left to go to the Las Vegas Raiders. Green Bay has Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Amari Rodgers and Sammy Watkins currently. Before we talk about these guys, it’s worth noting that Adams had more receptions and yards than all other Packers receivers did combined last year. It’s hard to replace efficiency like that.

Green Bay seems to love Watson in this group after trading up to draft him this offseason. Watkins on the other hand is hard to figure out. His injury history is brutal and the consistency hasn’t been there. Though he’s had flashes of greatness in the past. Then we have to two veteran targets tahat always factor in with Aaron Rodgers. Lazard and Cobb have great chemistry with Rodgers and should be on the field quite a bit moving forward.

Later down the line though we could see them shifted out of the offense a bit more in favor of the young guys. Lastly, we have Doubs. Doubs is a fourth-round rookie that could easily slip up into the number two wideout spot if he keeps on impressing. Green Bay has a lot of choices at their disposal, but nobody looks like a great choice in terms of fantasy unless you aim high with Watson or Doubs.

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