Giants Hoping To Gear Offense Around Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones has had quite an eventful first couple of seasons in the NFL. At times he has looked promising. Other times he has looked like he shouldn’t be starting. Nevertheless, the New York Giants are giving him one more opportunity to show that he belongs as a starter. The organization has brought in a brand-new coaching philosophy to help turn things around and apparently, the goal is to start with him.

Now, let’s quickly recap how bad this offense has been the past two years. They ranked 31st in both points scored and yards in each of those seasons. The Joe Judge strategy simply wasn’t working. The Giants have since brought in Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka to ease the trouble. Daboll was the offensive minded coordinator on the Buffalo Bills, one of the best offenses in the league last year. Then Kafka spent five years with the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid, another phenomenal offense.

Speaking of Kafka, he has a clear goal in mind to help Jones succeed. He said, “He loves having so much flexibility at the line of scrimmage with the protections, with checking stuff at the line of scrimmage, just with the ability to get on the same page with the receivers. Receivers have some flexibility with routes, you know, be able to work in different voids and spaces.”

He continued, “I’m not big on putting guys in a box. So, I like giving them some freedom, giving them some baseline guidelines to work within, and then letting those guys work it out because at the end of the day, you know I’m staying on the sideline. I’m in the press box or whatever it is, and those guys are the guys on the field. They gotta go play so they got to make sure that they’re on the same page.”

Could This Work for Daniel Jones and The Offense?

This seems to be a positive for Jones and the rest of the Giants fanbase that is hoping to see some improvement out of them. Kafka seems to like Jones at quarterback so far. Plus, one of the biggest things he mentioned was flexibility. Both on the offensive line and on the routes from the receivers. Having a more diverse offense while simultaneously giving Jones more freedom could help him take the next step in his development.

After all, training camp is rapidly approaching. With these offseason workouts already underway, the Giants want Jones to work with the wideouts as much as possible. It’s been reported that they haven’t had much time together so far in the offseason. Players like Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard in particular. The rookie Wan’Dale Robinson could be another much needed piece to the offense himself when he gets accustomed to the playbook.

Do you think that this new scheme and mentality is exactly what Jones needs to succeed? Or will this just be another reason now to hold onto Jones moving forward?

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