Diablo: Immortal Severely Underwhelms Fans

The new Diablo: Immortal game got released on June 2nd, yet it has been bashed relentlessly by fans. The new Blizzard game fully embraces a pay to win mechanic that people aren’t taking kindly too whatsoever. Some had high hopes for this new release after the news broke about Microsoft buying out the company. As it stands right now, Diablo: Immortal has a user score of 0.5 out of 10 on Metacritic. You read that correctly, 0.5.

The free to play mobile game/PC beta has some decent game play mechanics though. Streamers were usually talking about this as the positive for the game when it first released. Even the graphics look strong given how low the bar was for mobile devices. The only problem it, the game relentlessly pushes you to spend money.

Why Diablo: Immortal Is Failing

Obviously, when you are playing a game like this you want to be good at it. Being good requires a strong, maxed out character to play with. In order to get yourself a maxed-out character, you would need to spend $110,000…on a mobile game. Doing so will get you the best item in every equipment slot. It doesn’t take a hardcore gamer to understand that this is just ridiculous. Especially because the game ramps up the offers it gives you as you spend money. For example, you are offered a massive deal for $1 when you first load into everything. After that, it increases.

With the entire Diablo community up in arms over the situation, the chances of Blizzard going ahead and fixing this is very little. In all reality, the only thing we will be seeing them do is lower the prices a small bit. The game will remain ridiculously expensive for a free to play game, but for now it doesn’t look good.

So, do you all think that Diablo: Immortal will realize how poorly this was seen by fans and make the change? Or do you think they’ll just keep it how it is and roll with it anyways?

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