DK Metcalf Absent from Mandatory Minicamp

The Seattle Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf wasn’t present for the start of mandatory minicamp. It was reported that he is choosing not to attend due to ongoing contract talks with the organization. Metcalf doesn’t want to play unless he is given a new deal, but negotiations have stalled for the time being. Metcalf may not have been attending at full health anyways. He is currently rehabbing from foot surgery that he received back in Los Angeles.

Metcalf had reportedly attended voluntary workouts with the Seahawks a few weeks ago. This recent decision to skip minicamp has been thought of as a strategic move for a new deal. He is seriously banking on that money coming through, otherwise he has to be ready for a large number of fines for skipping. That is, unless Seattle gives him a reasonable excuse not to be there.

He still happens to be on his rookie contract. This means that his base salary in 2022 is slated to be $3.986 million. Unfortunately for Seattle, other wide receivers received a ridiculous amount of money during the offseason. Christian Kirk, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill and A.J. Brown all getting massive paydays. It’s safe to assume that Metcalf will get money in this range.

DK Metcalf Following a Trend

It’s not entirely surprising anymore to see superstar players skip parts of the offseason in the hopes that they can get a new contract. In fact, there are multiple young wideouts with the hopes of getting paid this upcoming season. Guys like Deebo Samuel and Terry McLaurin are just a few of them. Metcalf seems to be following the trends of star players with this strategic move, and only time will tell if he gets rewarded for it. After all, Seattle could shy away from a large deal even more now that he isn’t present for minicamp.

With Seattle trading away their franchise quarterback Russell Wilson, there were rumors that Metcalf could be on the move himself. Though it doesn’t appear that the Seahawks are hoping to full on rebuild at this stage. Locking Metcalf into a new deal should confirm that. DK has played three full years in Seattle to start of his NFL career. Throughout those years, he has compiled 3,170 yards on 216 receptions with 29 touchdowns to go along with it.

If you were the Seahawks, would you be willing to give Metcalf this amount of money? Would you even consider trading him away at this stage in his career for trade assets?

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