Josh Donaldson Upset With Teammates After Criticism

The New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson has found himself in some hot water as of late. He was just suspended by the MLB due to saying a “disrespectful” comment. That comment was directed towards the Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. It wasn’t just the suspension that got him angry though. Donaldson found himself completely abandoned after the league made their decision, especially by his teammates.

He said, “I think that was tough to hear, for sure. Just for the simple fact that I pride myself on being a good teammate, and everywhere I’ve went, every organization that I’ve been a part of, minus Oakland, has offered me extensions, has wanted me to stay.”

If you were wondering what he said in order to get himself suspended, he called Anderson, “Jackie,” which meant Jackie Robinson. Donaldson was questioned about the use of the term, but he claimed that it was all just an inside joke between him and Anderson. Shortly after that, Anderson admitted that it wasn’t an inside joke at all. Instead, he told Donaldson not to speak to him anymore if he kept calling him that.

Donaldson said that this joke stems from a quote that Anderson said a few years ago. Anderson said, “I kind of feel like today’s Jackie Robinson. That’s huge to say. But it’s cool, man, because he changed the game, and I feel like I’m getting to a point to where I need to change the game.” Anderson didn’t just randomly blurt this statement out though. He said this after being asked about the isolation he feels as a black man in a predominantly white sport.

Josh Donaldson Is In Hot Water

Donaldson was heard calling Anderson Jackie during the game and the benches ended up clearing because of it. Thankfully, nobody ended up getting punished and nobody was ejected. Still, there wasn’t anybody who took Donaldsons side in the matter.

Aaron Judge said that it wasn’t “the right thing to do here.” The Yankees manager Aaron Boone said saying this was “somewhere he should not be going.” Then finally, the White Sox closer, Liam Hendriks, had a larger explanation. He said, “That’s completely inappropriate. And then after hearing what was said after the game, usually you have inside jokes with the people you get along with. Not people that don’t get along at all. So that statement right there was complete bullshit. But, then again, my feelings toward the individual in question are pretty well documented that we don’t get along. I’ve now spoken to, I think it’s four separate clubhouses that he’s been into and, as a whole, none of them got along.”

Donaldson hasn’t stepped onto the field since May 22nd. He has since appealed the suspension he’s been given. It’s been a rough year for him. He’s also missed a good chunk of time with a shoulder injury as well as COVID-19 related absences.

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