FIFA Could Be Swapping Developers

FIFA has been developed by EA Sports for decades now, but it seems like change could be coming. The sports franchise is currently in the final year of their licensing contract. Rumors have been saying that they are looking to move on when it’s over. It all started when EA Sports found themselves reportedly searching for a new franchise to replace FIFA if talks didn’t go well. Now, FIFA is jumping on that trend and looking elsewhere themselves.

Fans could tell that something was brewing even back in October of 2021. FIFA came out and said that they thought one party shouldn’t be controlling all of the rights to the sport. As most of you may know, EA Sports runs the majority of professional sports games. Some believe they have had too much of a grip on them.

What’s Going on With FIFA Currently?

For the time being, there isn’t any more news regarding this situation. The two are still locked into a licensing deal until the end of the year. It just looks increasingly likely that FIFA will be operating without EA Sports for the first time in a very long while. FIFA has even made the announcement that the World Cup in Qatar could be used as a platform for themselves. This platform will be utilized to announced new games and esports opportunities that they don’t currently have. If not there, then they may use the Women’s World Cup in 2023 as another platform.

With the rumor that cross play is expected to be implemented into FIFA 23, there could be a whole lot of change coming for the franchise in the next year or two. FIFA fans might actually have a lot to look forward too if all goes correctly.

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