Giancarlo Stanton Breaks 350 Home Runs

Giancarlo Stanton probably remembers the very first home run that he ever hit in the MLB. Well, that was a pretty long time ago. Stanton just broke the 350-home run mark during the New York Yankees latest game. At the end of that game, the Yankees moved up into first place in the American League East Division. It was their fifth straight win by the way.

Not only did Stanton hit this legendary mark, but he became the seventh fastest player to do so in the history of the league. When asked about how he felt regarding this feat, he didn’t offer much. He said, “It’s pretty cool. When I began this journey, I didn’t really know what to expect or where I’d be, or how long I’d be around. So, it’s a cool feat, and it helped us get a win and keep pushing.”

It’s A Much Different Time for Giancarlo Stanton

It took Stanton approximately 1,341 total MLB games to reach this historic milestone. He didn’t get his first home run until the ninth game of his career as well. If you want another example of how long it’s been since he blasted that one away, the stadium that he hit this homer in isn’t in service anymore. He also played for an entirely different team at the time. To top it all off, Stanton boasted the name “Mike” on all of his baseball cards back then.

The fastest player to reach this mark in league history was Mark McGwire. He accomplished this back in 1997 during his 1,280th career game. Juan Gonzalez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth and Harmon Killebrew were the other players to hit the mark as well.

This was Stanton’s third homer of the year so far for the Yankees. His teammate Aaron Judge said that he is excited to see Stanton hit the 400 and 500 homer mark down the road as well. Will he be able to hit it?

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