Benches Clear in Mets and Cardinals Game

The benches clear in the most recent game between the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals. The small three-game series has already been heating up lately. During this past matchup, the Mets saw their sixth player get hit by a pitch. Both teams knew that a fight was on the verge of breaking out already but after a pitch by Yoan Lopez soared near Nolan Arenado, it all happened in a flash.

Arenado wasn’t happy about how dangerous the pitch by the Mets pitcher was. He pointed and challenged the Mets pitcher verbally soon after and almost instantly everybody started storming the field.

The fight was understandable on the side of New York. After all, they were getting beaned by pitches left and right throughout their last few games. Plus, J.D. Davis saw himself get drilled in the ankle earlier in that exact same inning. As for the Cardinals, they were on a three-game losing streak entering this matchup. It was also their first series loss of the new season on top of that.

The fight ultimately helped out the Cardinals, as they went on to win this game 10-5 in the end.

How Did the Players Feel About the Benches Clearing?

When you ask Arenado, he knew that verbally challenging Lopez would result in a major altercation. He said, “After Davis got hit in the ankle, that was kind of the last straw for them. I had a feeling it was coming.” Arenado ended up getting ejecting for “charging the mound.”

As for Pete Alonso, he wasn’t nearly as understanding of the situation. Alonso had been hit in the head twice this season already, including one against the Cardinals. He also said that he was dragged down by the back of the collar by Genesis Cabrera and that a coach had jumped on him to restrain him.

To make all of this even more exciting, the Mets and the Cardinals will be playing in another four-game series in the middle of May. If this tension continues, we could see the benches clear for a second time between these squads.

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