The 49ers NEED To Extend Nick Bosa

The San Francisco 49ers got an absolute gem in Nick Bosa. The defensive end was instantly recognized as a superstar in the league after being drafted. He has won a few awards already and was a massive reason why the 49ers were able to make it into the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago. In my opinion, San Francisco can’t really afford to wait on inking Bosa to a new deal. They really have to jump on this before anybody else can. Here’s why.

First off, this type of talent doesn’t come around too often in the NFL. Bosa stepped into the league and won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award straight away. The year after, Bosa suffered a torn ACL and people wondered how it would affect him. He missed the entire 2020 campaign but returned at the start of 2021. How did he respond? He posted 15.5 sacks and a league leading 21 tackles for loss. In fact, he was in the conversation to land the Comeback Player of the Year award if Joe Burrow didn’t have the type of year that he did. Bosa also received a few First-Team All-Pro votes when the season concluded.

This is an edge rusher that gives you everything on the defensive line. He can get after the quarterback; he stops the run consistently and he brings an energy that isn’t replaceable on the defense. I haven’t even mentioned that Bosa is just 24 years old at the moment as well.

49ers Can’t Let Nick Bosa Slip Away

The price tag on Bosa is bound to be pretty high, but the 49ers should be expecting that. However, with the way contracts are being handled nowadays, waiting too long could be catastrophic. For example, the teams star wideout Deebo Samuel is having questions about his longevity with the team. He recently took away all of his San Francisco posts on social media in the hopes that he would get extended. Contract talks haven’t progressed very far, but the team waited to see how he would do and now his price skyrocketed. Bosa will demand a lot of money regardless of this next season unless he gets injured. So, this team has to jump out and get in talks now.

Too often have we seen teams just wait it out and then the player gets a better offer down the line. Or negotiations aren’t as smooth as expected and the franchise tag comes around. Then the player gets upset at the tag and the team has to deal with a frustrated star. To wrap it all up, yes, the 49ers absolutely have to sign Bosa to an extension as quick as possible.

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