Baltimore Ravens Concerned About Their Secondary

The Baltimore Ravens were hit hard by the injury bug last season. This time around, they aren’t getting complacent with how they are assembling their roster. Their general manager Eric DeCosta, just admitted that the team was definitely still concerned about their secondary moving into a new year.

The Ravens are already set to get both Malon Humphrey and Marcus Peters back from their injuries. Those two guys alone are enough to take this secondary to new heights. They also signed Marcus Williams to help them out over the top. Despite all of this, DeCosta still said, “Well, I think we’re definitely concerned. If you guys know us, we always want to have a strong secondary and have as many corners as possible. We’ve referred to those guys as race cars in the past, and this year, we got decimated at that position across the board.”

Baltimore Ravens Not Satisfied

That wasn’t all he said though. He continued, “We have outstanding players coming back, but again, until they come back it’s a question mark. So, we’re very excited that we feel like Marlon is going to come back with a vengeance and Marcus is going to come back with a vengeance. But behind those two guys, the depth is thin. So, there are opportunities for us, again in the first round, second round, third round, coach has been watching the corners as well. And we feel we have the opportunity to take one or two corners in the draft. They’ll come in and contribute right away.”

“And I should also say that bringing in Marcus this year should help those guys more because Williams, in a lot of different ways, the skills that he has, what he can do for us in the passing game in the back end, along with Chuck Clark, makes me feel like we have a great set of safeties.”

This is a really fleshed out answer from the GM of the Ravens. It should raise some concerns over the depth that they have on the roster. Obviously, the players that are backing these stars up are not that talented. Still, at least they have a few excellent players suiting up for them on the back end this year. It is really just going to be a question of when they will be back to 100 percent. Those backups won’t be able to hold the fort down for too long without them. Look for Baltimore to get involved in the draft when talking about the cornerback spot.

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