Sauce Gardner Shows Appreciation to His Mother

Sauce Gardner is one of the top cornerback prospects in this upcoming NFL Draft. He is surely to be drafted in the first round and be paid among the top rookies. The first thing that he wanted to do with his dream about to arrive is thank his mother for everything that she did for him growing up.

Gardner said that his parents would also tell him to stay away from things like drinking and smoking in order to stay on his path. He never once strayed away from that message and hasn’t done either one of them at all to this day. This is including the time when Cincinnati was able to win the AAC Championship and the team brought out cigars for the victory. He didn’t partake in that type of celebration.

Gardner wants to pay it back. He said, “Growing up in Detroit, we didn’t really have anything. But what I did have was a mother who always made the impossible, possible. Things that I wanted; she’d give me a hard time when i asked for it. Like Christmas, for instance. She’d tell me ‘That game costs $300!’ But Christmas came and the game would be right there. So, she’s my hero.”

After that, he shared the story of how he was able to tell his mom to retire now that his NFL dream is about to become reality. Gardner said, “It felt great. She’ll always be like, ‘Nah, I’m gonna go to work.’ It just felt great to be like ‘no, you don’t have too anymore.’ That was just a blessing, because I always told her growing up, ‘you ain’t gonna have to work anymore.’ When I wanted her to pay for camps, she’d be like ‘do you have to go to this camp?’ She’d always end up paying for it so I could showcase my talent. It got me here.”

Garnder hasn’t allowed a touchdown in his entire three-year career as a cornerback on Cincinnati. There isn’t much more to say about his talent level. He has also had a nice performance at the NFL combine so far. There is no question that he will be a highly sought-after player in the first round.

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