Melvin Gordon Wants to Stay with the Denver Broncos

Melvin Gordon made headlines a few weeks ago after making it clear that he doesn’t want to sit as a backup running back next season. The now free agent running back was starting to sit behind the rookie Javonte Williams down the stretch of the season. This made a lot of people think that Gordon was looking to leave the Denver Broncos. Mostly so that he can find a starting job somewhere else. However, that is apparently not the case here.

Gordon said, “I have been wanting to come back. I would love to win a championship in Denver. I made a lot of great relationships with the guys and feel like we have a really good team. To leave a talented team and go somewhere else would suck. It’s a job unfinished, and we need to finish the job. I would love to stay. I talked with George Paton (general manager). We spoke on it. He told me he thinks highly of me. I really like the way he runs things and does things.”

Gordon signed a two-year, $16 million deal with the Broncos back in 2020. He was able to rush for 918 yards and eight touchdowns on 203 carries throughout the entire last season.

Paton spoke out earlier in the week saying how he wanted to keep the duo of Williams and Gordon together moving forward. It seems obvious that Denver would want to stick with two solid running backs due to their lack of a passing presence.

Does Melvin Gordon Have Other Options?

The bigger question is if Gordon even generates that much interest on the open market. He is just about to turn 29 years old. He also happens to play a position that really isn’t needed by most teams right now. The majority of running backs decline quite a lot once they pass their 30s, but Gordon is hoping that doesn’t happen. He sees himself playing for a lot longer and maintaining a high level of play. He compared himself to Frank Gore. It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

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