Who Is the Most Underrated NFL Draft Prospect?

There are a lot of underrated NFL Draft prospects at the moment. We are just now entering into the offseason and teams are starting to kick the tires on some of the prospects that will be available. However, there is one guy in particular that seems to catch my eye. He goes by name Ahmad Gardner, otherwise known as Sauce Gardner.

Gardner is a cornerback who played for Cincinnati this past season, and he just had his best year yet. He was just a three-star recruit coming out of Detroit, Michigan. He should now be considered the second-best player at his position. At least statistically. Numbers came out lately that showed he hadn’t allowed more than 13 years to anybody that lined up against him throughout the entire season. On top of that, the man didn’t allow a single touchdown during his whole collegiate career!

NFL Draft Outlook for Ahmad Gardner

Chances are that we don’t see him get nabbed off the board first when talking about cornerbacks. Everybody in the league is still rightfully infatuated with Derek Stingley out of LSU. Still, Gardner should be rapidly flying up draft boards now that he is starting to get some popularity.

When it comes to some of his drafting reports, he has been compared to Richard Sherman a number of times. His 6’3″, 200-pound frame could be a cause for that comparison. Reports say that he is also one of the hardest working players coming into the draft right now. This is something that teams look for more often than not.

In my opinion, I think we could see him taken in the top five if he has a phenomenal combine run this week. Teams look for speed at cornerback, and with all the skills Gardner already has shown, speed could be the cherry on top. A 4.4 40-yard dash, or something close to that, will be enough to get the job done.

Who do you think will jump on snagging Gardner in the draft? Where would you want to see him go?

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