Packers Reportedly Don’t Have Faith in Jordan Love

Jordan Love was supposed to be the future of the Green Bay Packers. The organization randomly decided that they wanted to trade up in the first round of the NFL Draft a few years ago to snag Love. They were that infatuated with the way that he had played in college and what he showed them in workouts. Fans instantly thought that he would be the future of their franchise when Aaron Rodgers eventually leaves or retires.

Now, we are rapidly approaching the time when Rodgers may be leaving the franchise, whether it is for another team or to just retire. Since drafting Love, the organization apparently doesn’t want to start him anymore. Love has only played in a couple of games since getting drafted and was mediocre at best.

Tweets started to fly around after Benjamin Allbright reported that Green Bay doesn’t believe in Love as their franchise answer at quarterback. Others around the league are well aware of the Packers emotions towards their young signal caller as well.

Could Jordan Love Be Traded?

People asked whether or not Love would be considered on the trading block then. To which he replied that he wasn’t right now. He stated that the Packers know that dealing him now would net a very small return. His estimation was a day three pick, maybe a day two pick in any trade. Teams want to wait and see how the Rodgers situation plays out and how the organization goes with Love then potentially taking over.

It’s definitely a surprise to see a young quarterback with little playing time be seemingly tossed around like this. However, it wouldn’t be the first time. This report doesn’t mean he is instantly off the team. Nor does it mean he won’t be the next starter after Rodgers. It just means that there is more going on behind the scenes regarding his future than we are aware of. Packers’ fans should be monitoring this situation very carefully.

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