NFL Prospects Considering Boycotting the Combine

NFL Prospects apparently aren’t too excited about the upcoming scouting combine. A report just went out that over 150 prospects that have already entered into the NFL Draft this season are thinking about boycotting the combine. These players have demanded that they don’t want to go there due to the heavy bubble restrictions that the NFL currently has in place.

It was released over the weekend that prospects that wanted to show up would be “restricted to secure combine venues.” They are also only allowed to bring one fully vaccinated person. That person is only allowed to be there for medical support. This all came out in a letter that was sent out to agents. It was very short notice as well.

One agent who preferred to say anonymous said, “This is really bad for the league to spring these restrictions on the players at the last minute. This is unfair. People spend a ton of time and money getting ready for the combine. This is not good, and it won’t stand. We’re taking action and are going to have our voices heard.”

Will NFL Prospects Actually Follow Through?

Whether or not the boycott is actually going to stand is still up in the air. However, changes may be coming soon. Otherwise, scouts might not have many players to take a look at.

Last year, the NFL combine didn’t happen at all. Prospects were forced to just work out at individual pro days instead. This upcoming combine is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis. The quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends are going to start showing up on February 28th. After that, the rest of the positions will follow. Each will each spend five days in Indianapolis.

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