Titans LB Bud Dupree Has Been Booked for Assault


Bud Dupree, the linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, has just been booked over a misdemeanor assault charge. Dupree was one of the better signings that the Titans made during the offseason. While he didn’t have that great of a season with his new team, injuries definitely played a factor in that. To really put it into perspective, Dupree just went through a career low season in terms of sacks.

Now, he wasn’t tracked down over these charges and had turned himself in. The incident occurred at the beginning of January at a pharmacy located in Nashville, Tennessee. Dupree isn’t schedule to make an appearance in court until April 22nd.

What Did Bud Dupree Do?

This fight apparently broke out at the pharmacy after a male employee began filming Dupree on his phone. The report states that Dupree and the man got into an argument that lasted for quite a while before he left the building. Apparently, Dupree returned to the building and grabbed the employee and his phone. This was what sparked a physical altercation between the two. According to what happened afterwards, the employee was treated for a cut on his forehead. Another female employee got treated for a cut on her hand as well.

Dupree and the rest of the people he showed up with left the scene well before the police were able to arrive. The Titans organization was immediately made aware of the situation at hand yet didn’t make much of a comment over it.

There isn’t expected to be a ridiculously large punishment over the actions from Dupree, but it is worth keeping an eye on. Dupree is also on a very large contract. This was just his first season with the Titans. Last offseason he signed a five-year, $85 million dollar deal.

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