Patrick Mahomes Asks His Fiancée to Tone It Down


Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented players in the NFL right now. He has been the last couple of years. However, the only negative media attention that he has gotten wasn’t the result of him. It was the result of his fiancée and his brother. Their antics have caused many football fans to dislike them both. Some of those negative feelings have in turn headed towards Patrick. They have been relentlessly heckled on social media due to the things that they have done while attending Patrick’s games. For example, Brittany Matthews, his fiancée, poured champagne on fans after the Kansas City Chiefs big win over the Buffalo Bills. Earlier in the season, Jackson Mahomes uploaded a video on TikTok that showed him dancing on the fenced off memorial of Sean Taylor in Washington. These are just a few of the major issues that have followed them.

Patrick Mahomes Is Putting His Foot Down

Apparently, Patrick is finally having enough of the nonsense. A report came out earlier today that was stating that Patrick had a sit down with the two family members. He had reportedly told them to stop attending games, at least for this upcoming season. The report continued by saying that it was unsurprising for Mahomes to believe that they were becoming a distraction. He also believes that their actions on the sidelines are becoming bad for his brand. While they can still get everything sorted out before the next season officially starts, we may be seeing less of them moving forward.

Supposedly, TMZ refuted this reported. They said that Patrick is thrilled to have his family at games. However, this is just going to go back and forth until one of the three family members come out and say something themselves. At the very least, maybe Patrick could have at least gotten them to tone it down.

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