Eric Bieniemy Had Problems with Patrick Mahomes


Eric Bieniemy has been thought of as a top head coaching candidate for the last two seasons now. Everything seems to be pointing at the offensive guru to land a job quickly. However, it is now the second straight year that nobody wanted him for their position. It has raised a lot of questions at the interview process. Some believe he went through a similar situation as Brian Flores, while others think that Bieniemy is simply bad at interviews. Whatever the case may be, we may have figured out the real reason why he isn’t getting hired.

A report came out earlier that talked about Bieniemy and Patrick Mahomes not getting along the past year and a half. Bieniemy reportedly didn’t like what Mahomes brought to the offense. The reason being was because he felt that it hurt his chances of becoming a head coach.

This rift had supposedly gotten in the way of last year’s Super Bowl as well against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Head coach Andy Reid and Mahomes had figured out a brilliant game plan for the game. This was without a few of their best offensive linemen. Bieniemy looked at the plan and didn’t like it. So, he decided to make numerous changes to it. He had the power to do so in his contract. Reid wanted to help him get a head coaching job, so he allowed him to make the tweaks. As we all know, the Chiefs got smacked around in that game and lost.

What Happened to Eric Bieniemy Afterwards?

After this game, Bieniemy completely changed his demeanor. The report says that he was short tempered and unwilling to accept feedback from the players on the roster. This issue came up in the interviews with both the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. On top of that, he had to talk about a fight he had with Mahomes during an interview with the Denver Broncos. The report said that his answer eliminated him from their head coaching search instantly.

Another example of the horrible chemistry that Mahomes and Bieniemy had come during the AFC Championship Game a few weeks ago. When Mahomes attempted to call a timeout with a second left in the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals, Bieniemy reportedly told him that they still had one left. While they didn’t.

There were even rumors that Andy Reid and the Chiefs management approached the camera crews and told them to keep Bieniemy out of frame during the games. Whether it was arguing between players or just a look of disgust on his face. They didn’t want to show that side of him and their offense. This could be a major story within the next few weeks without a doubt.

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