Michael Thomas Not Expected to be Traded


With all of the news circulating around the league this past season, Michael Thomas has seemingly fallen under the radar. The past two years haven’t been kind to the former Offensive Player of the Year. Thomas has dealt with multiple lower leg injuries and has had some issues with the New Orleans Saints management according to some sources. Michael Thomas missed the entire 2021 season on top of all that. It has started to spark some rumors that the Saints would be looking to deal the star wideout to try and save themselves some money in the long run.

However, it was just announced that the Saints have no plans to move him at this time. Thomas got not one but two surgeries to repair an ankle and spent much of the season up in New York. The reason being was because he was receiving treatments up there and not just avoiding the city of New Orleans.

Recently, Thomas returned to New Orleans and has been in consistent communication with the Saints organization.

Michael Thomas And His Cap Hit

Thomas counts as a big cap hit this upcoming season. A lot of people are worried about the Saints being roughly $100 million over the cap heading into the offseason. However, we saw them get out of a $78 million-hole last year and they are likely to get the job done again without having to get rid of their core stars. Thomas is going to account for $24.7 million this upcoming season regardless of if he plays or not. If he gets traded or even released before Juen 1st, his salary against the team dips down to $22.7 million.

If he gets moved after June 1st, then the Saints would save roughly $15.8 million in cap space. Although, neither of those should be happening at this time. The Saints are looking forward to getting him back onto the field. The only question that remains for them is who will be throwing Thomas the football next year. Luckily, the quarterback market this offseason is expected to be one of the best of all-time.

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  1. Tell me how you can be 100 million over the cap and still be able to retain all of those players. I need to know how that math works?

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