29 Voters Predict Seven NFL Awards

A group of 29 voters recently got together to discuss their predictions on the upcoming NFL awards. The awards show is going to be airing on February 10th. It is set to be hosted by Keegan-Michael Key and will air on ABC at 9 p.m. ET. It should be noted that these awards are not official. A group of analysts and reporters got together to give a mock awards show before the actual one airs.

NFL Awards Predictions

Starting off with the biggest award, the MVP. The voters that came together ultimately decided that Aaron Rodgers be the winner. Rodgers received 18 of the votes here and had a solid margin of victory. Second place was Tom Brady with eight votes. Third place was Cooper Kupp with two and the last vote was sent to Matthew Stafford.

The Offensive Player of the Year award was a surprising landslide. Cooper Kupp received 25 out of the 29 total votes for the hardware. Jonathan Taylor only picked up two of the votes and was in second place. Deebo Samuel received one and Tom Brady received the last.

The Defensive Player of the Year award was also a wide margin of victory. 20 voters chose T.J. Watt as the winner of the award. The second closest was Aaron Donald with seven, but ultimately voter fatigue didn’t help him out. Nick Bosa got one vote and so did Micah Parsons.

Moving onto Offensive Rookie of the Year now. This was almost unanimous, but unfortunately one vote went elsewhere. 28 out of 29 people selected Ja’Marr Chase as the winner of the award. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anybody. What was surprising was that Jaylen Waddle received a vote here.

Only Unanimous Selection

Moving onto Defensive Rookie of the Year, we have the only unanimous selection. That would be Micah Parsons. The Dallas Cowboys linebacker played outstanding this year and has instantly become a fan favorite in the league. He may end up being the only unanimous award winner during the official ceremony as well.

Comeback Player of the Year wasn’t close either. Joe Burrow grabbed 23 votes in this race. Dak Prescott was the only other player to receive a vote, taking in the other six of them.

Finally, we come down to the Coach of the Year vote. This was the closest of them all. Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel won the award with 14 votes in this prediction. Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor was directly behind him, finishing with 13 of the votes. The final two went to Matt LaFleur, the Green Bay Packers lead man.

Again, these are simply predictions. These awards are not the final decisions, and the official awards ceremony may have completely different results. This group came together to give a small preview of what might be on the way.

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