Aaron Rodgers Won’t Be Going to the Titans


Rumors started flying around that Aaron Rodgers will be taking his talents to the Tennessee Titans the other week. These reports started to fly around when it was confirmed that Rodgers bought property in Nashville. Many assumed that it meant he was thinking about joining the franchise. It sounds exactly like it was reported, that he would be pushing Ryan Tannehill out of Tennessee and quite literally taking his spot. However, it isn’t worth reading too much into those rumors as they have definitely been shot down already.

The Titans General Manager Jon Robinson spoke out about the idea that Rodgers could be gearing up for a move to the Titans. He said that the team is going to continue to ride with Tannehill at quarterback. Robinson also mentioned that micro-evaluating Tannehill off of just one postseason game isn’t fair to him or anybody else for that matter.

Aaron Rodgers Move Just Wouldn’t Make Much Sense to Tennessee

This isn’t to say that Tannehill is out of the woods just yet. Robinson continued by saying that his interceptions were a problem for the team. He threw 14 of them last season to be exact. But the Titans upper management is not budging on the fact that Ryan is their leader, and they don’t plan on kicking him to the curb.

On top of all that, moving Tannehill would likely hurt them more than help them. Given the contract he signed, they’d lose a lot of money getting rid of him. Tannehill is guaranteed $29 million next season. Sticking with him is a far better option.

Robinson wasn’t the only one voicing his support for Tannehill. The Titans left guard Rodger Saffold also backed him up. He hopped on an interview while at the Pro Bowl and said, “Let’s be serious, this guy led us over here. He dragged us from a 2-4 season out of the gutter and into the AFC Championship. We know that he can take us there.” Tannehill didn’t have the best season in the world, but Saffold’s mind didn’t change. He ended up his answer by saying, “All I gotta say is a lot of us had a rough go this year. There was a lot of things going on, me dealing with injuries, other guys dealing with injuries. Guys not playing as well. He had a rough go, but to me, I really feel like he’s the true definition of a Titan.”

So, to wrap this all up, Aaron Rodgers won’t be heading down there. Even if a trio of him, Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Julio Jones would be an incredible sight to see. Tannehill gets at least one more year in charge of the offense.


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