Jim Harbaugh Says He’ll Never Return to the NFL


The former Super Bowl head coach Jim Harbaugh has been a hot commodity among NFL teams the last few weeks. However, he has ultimately decided that he doesn’t want to make a return to the pros this season. Though he went even further and announced that he is forever done with the league. He wants to remain in college for the rest of his coaching career.

After interviewing with the Minnesota Vikings, Harbaugh battled with wanting to return. He said, “Sure, the Super Bowl is the greatest prize in our sport. But winning a national championship, that’s pretty darn great. Let’s do that.” This was ultimately when he decided that he would avoid the pros for at least this season and stick with the University of Michigan.

After those comments, he continued by saying “There was a pull to the NFL because I got that close to the Super Bowl, but this was the time (to try and return.) And this is the last time. Now let’s go chase college football’s greatest prize.”

Will Jim Harbaugh Change His Mind?

Who knows how different his choice would have been had the Vikings initially offered him the job? He apparently had a wonderful interview with the Vikings brass and despite everybody listing him as the front runner, they never actually offered the job to him. When asked about it, Harbaugh said that the only way he wanted to return is if the Vikings were 100 percent sold on his ability to come back. However, they clearly didn’t feel that way and he didn’t stick around to wait for an answer.

While anything could happen down the line, Harbaugh likely won’t come back to the NFL anytime soon. He wrapped up an interview by saying he called the athletic director over at Michigan. He said, “this will not be a reoccurring theme every year. This was a one-time thing.” He was referencing his interview with the Vikings. Those that were excited to see a potential return were thwarted by the Vikings management. It also appears that they are set on their next head coach. Minnesota reportedly is going to hire the Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator, Kevin O’Connell.

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