Miami Dolphins Offseason Needs


The Miami Dolphins are next up on this offseason needs series. Miami started off their past season terribly. However, they somehow rattled off about seven straight wins to only miss the postseason by one or two games. It was their second consecutive winning season for the first time since 2003 as well, with Brian Flores at the helm.

Where Do the Miami Dolphins Go from Here?

This offseason changed dramatically for Miami after they randomly decided to fire Flores. The recent stories going around is that Flores refused to tank for draft picks and meet up with free agent players “coincidentally” and that management eventually grew tired of him. Now, his absence leaves a bit of a hole in their organization.

Luckily, they have the most cap space of any team in the league right now heading into the offseason. There are some players that will have to get resigned during the offseason such as Mike Gesicki. He is without a doubt their best tight end and deserves to net himself an extension. Other free agents like Will Fuller and Albert Wilson may not get extended at all. Both of them barely got on the field this past season, and when they were out there it didn’t make a dramatic difference on their performance. Plus, Miami already has Devante Parker and Jaylen Waddle to throw the football too. Even Emmanuel Ogbah is a free agent, a strong defensive end but may not be worth the money he’s seeking.

Bottom line though, they need weapons offensively, a head coach and some fixes on the defensive end. Despite their winning records, Miami has a lot of holes to fix out there.

First things first, sign a head coach. A lot of the best available coaches have already signed elsewhere or returned to their original teams by now. Miami may not be a very interesting destination either with all these horrible reports coming out about their owner. Guys are going to be hesitant to join the staff, and it may put them in a terrible position moving forward.

After hiring a coach, they have to work on the offensive line. Many are growing impatient with Tua Tagovailoa as he enters his third season. Though people seem to forget that he was working behind an offensive line that ranked dead last in pass block rate last year. Locking in some offensive weapons and solidifying a horribly weal offensive line is the key to turning things around. It will also help them determine what they have in Tua. There is much to do in Miami this offseason, grabbing a coach is critical to them having any type of success next season as you could imagine.

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