Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Needs


It isn’t a surprise that the Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot of work left to do in the offseason. The whole Urban Meyer situation didn’t really pan out the way that they had hoped, now they have fallen a bit behind in their plans. The Jaguars still have a bright future though, as long as they are able to take advantage of this upcoming offseason.

Jacksonville essentially needs an upgrade at every single position on their roster outside of quarterback and running back. They also need a new head coach. Trevor Lawrence played solid football in his first season in the league. He wasn’t the greatest quarterback in the world but showed promise. As for the running back spot, James Robinson and Travis Etienne should make for an explosive tandem.

This team is going to have the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, which gives them a lot of options moving forward. They also have just over $63 million worth of cap space to throw around and try to land some big-name free agents.

Where do the Jacksonville Jaguars Go Now?

One of their biggest priorities straight out of the gates is developing a strong offensive line. Keeping your franchise quarterback healthy and comfortable can drastically improve your team. Just look at Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. The Jacksonville Jaguars have two guards and a left tackle sitting in the free agent market right now with hefty price tags. If they want to retain all of them, they are going to have to deal with the price that comes along with it. If they opt to let them leave, they then have a lot of holes to fill back up on that line.

After addressing the offensive line, it wouldn’t be surprising to watch them get active in the wide receiver market. D.J. Chark is not expected to stick around on a new contract which opens up some doors for them. Davante Adams is currently a free agent. Although, he likely won’t want to go to a rebuilding team unless he gets over $30 million a year. The more likely option would be Chris Godwin. While he is coming off a brutal injury, he is looking for a solid contract to get locked in somewhere. He’d instantly slot in as their top option in the pass game.

Finally, they need to actually pull the trigger on a head coach. Sources say that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator, Bryon Leftwich, was their top choice. All signs pointed to them inking a deal with him after their first interview. However, he walked away without one. Since then, he has completed interviews with a few other teams. Jacksonville is starting to wait far too long before grabbing a head coach. With some of the best options already making their choices. Leftwich could be a perfect fit, but they are waiting too long.

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