Brian Flores Claims Dolphins Bribed Him to Tank


Brian Flores just filed a massive lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams. However, it is apparent that he isn’t quite done yet. Flores opened up about his time with the Dolphins and apparently, he was being offered money under the table that he wouldn’t accept.

What was Brian Flores Offered?

During his three seasons with the Dolphins, Miami owner Stephen Ross was offering Flores $100,000 every time he lost a game. Ross was desperately hoping for a higher draft pick so that he can rebuild his team a lot faster. Apparently, Flores refused to intentionally lose games. This bribing was happening in the draft that Joe Burrow was eventually selected number one overall.

Instead of following those orders, Flores led the team to back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 2003. While many Dolphins fans were happy about their future and the direction of their team, Ross wasn’t. The team’s General Manager, Chris Grier, approached Flores. He mentioned that Ross was mad that the teams draft position was compromised by the success.

That wasn’t all though. Flores spoke briefly about how Ross set up an illegal meeting. The meeting was apparently with a “prominent quarterback in violation of league tampering rules.” Flores refused to be in attendance for this specific meeting and the decision just piled onto Ross’s case to get rid of him.

The details of this meeting were also disclosed. Ross had allegedly invited Flores out to his yacht for lunch that day. When they arrived, Ross mentioned that the quarterback in question would be arriving conveniently at the same time. Flores instantly left the yacht after that, and his denial didn’t sit well as you might expect.

Assuming NFL teams aren’t concerned with all of this media attention, he should be picked up for a head coaching gig this offseason. Although, it isn’t so likely now.

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