Myles Turner Ruled Out At Least Two Weeks

Myles Turner, the Indiana Pacers best defensive player, has just been ruled out for the next two weeks. Turner has long been in trade talks as he is arguably their most valuable asset. However, no trade has ever been able to materialize. Myles Turner is also the league leader in blocks at the moment and is consistently recognized for his excellent rim protection.

He will be missing these next two weeks due to a stress reaction in his left foot. Team officials had him examined by a handful of different specialists. Which is when he got hit with the stress reaction label. He isn’t guaranteed to return to the court within that timeline, he is just going to be re-evaluated by then.

Myles Turner and His Future

Turner is averaging 12.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game for the struggling Indiana Pacers this season. His injury could very much impact what team he finishes this season on as well. As we mentioned earlier, Turner is heavily sought after by a number of championship contending rosters. The trade deadline is set for February 10th this season. Meaning Turner may still be too injured to get traded off Indiana.

Granted, some teams may still roll the dice on him anyways even with the injury, but it makes it a lot more unlikely. If these teams decide not to even attempt a trade by the deadline, he is still likely to get move during the offseason.

The Pacers are towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference as we hit the halfway point in the season. Despite having a lot of talent across their roster, they just aren’t able to convert it into winning. We have seen the Pacers struggle for years now. They are probably in need of a roster blowup if they want to get out of this cycle of mediocrity.

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