Mike Tomlin Falls Asleep Watching Chargers-Raiders


Pittsburgh Steelers fans were all on the edge of their seat the entire night watching the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders battle it out…except for Mike Tomlin. The Steelers head coach admitted that he dozed off while watching the game that would determine whether or not they would make the playoffs this year. With the Indianapolis Colts choking their game over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Pittsburgh just needed to win their own game against the Baltimore Ravens. They would also need the Chargers and Raiders game to end in anything but a tie.

The game wound up going into overtime and was about to end in a tie. That was before the Chargers called a timeout and the Raiders decided to be aggressive instead. They wound up kicking a game winning field goal right afterwards, saving the Steelers season in the process.

Tomlin continued by saying it was probably for the best that he didn’t watch it. After all the final score of the game had come so close to being a disaster for Pittsburgh. Tomlin was also asked about his upcoming date with the Kansas City Chiefs now.

Mike Tomlin on Upcoming Date with Chiefs

The two played back in Week 16 with the Chiefs throttling Pittsburgh 36-10 in a game that wasn’t close at any point. Tomlin said, “they handled us and handled us definitively. We understand that. At the same time, we’re not paralyzed by that. We accept that we didn’t play well enough, we accept that we didn’t plan well enough.”

If Tomlin’s Steelers have any chance at winning this game and moving forward, Najee Harris has to be deemed healthy. The rookie running back who rushed for 1,200 yards this season suffered a minor elbow injury towards the end of the game against the Ravens. Mike Tomlin said he is optimistic that Harris will be available, but it is still something to monitor.

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