Koby Altman Gets Extended by Cleveland Cavaliers


Koby Altman has been helping the Cleveland Cavaliers for a few years now and he has since been rewarded for his success. The general manager just received a massive extension that apparently comes with a new job title as well. The extension is set to run all the way through the 2027-28 NBA season.

As for the new job title, it was reported that he will become the president of basketball operations as well. The deal isn’t official yet, but should be announced by the team this Wednesday just to get everything finalized.

Altman first got promoted to the general manager position in 2017. It was one month after the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship and shortly after LeBron James left the organization. Despite his absence, Altman has turned this team into a relevant squad again without James.

Koby Altman Changed This Team

They are sitting at 23-18 at the time of this post, already passing their win total from last season. With the way that they have been playing, it’s likely that they may even double their previous win totals. Since LeBron left the Cavaliers, the franchise has won just 19, 19 and 22 games in three different seasons. I don’t know about you, but that isn’t the success you want in a franchise.

Altman has nailed a few lottery draft picks within the last couple of years already. Colin Sexton is believed to be their future at shooting guard. Darius Garland looks phenomenal as their primary point guard and Evan Mobley has some of the best defensive abilities ever shown from a rookie center in history. Plus, the trade that netted them Jarrett Allen gave them a bit of a boost alongside the signing of Ricky Rubio.

Watch out for this Cleveland Cavaliers team these next few years.

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