First Day of Coaching Moves

With the NFL regular season coming to an end, it was the first day of coaching moves by teams out of the playoffs. The Chicago Bears were one of the first to strike, though it wasn’t really unexpected. They had fired both their head coach Matt Nagy and their general manager Ryan pace. Nagy had a few solid seasons, but it was clear they weren’t going anywhere with him at the helm. Pace had a few years as the GM but whiffed on numerous first round draft picks.

The Denver Broncos went second by firing their head coach Vic Fangio. This wasn’t entirely surprising but there was a case to keep him around. Fangio was there for three long seasons and had an overall record of 19-30.

Then came a move that shocked the world, the Miami Dolphins fired Brian Flores. Flores helped lead this Dolphins squad to an 8-1 record to end this season and it was his second consecutive winning season with the organization. Flores helped take a rebuilding team to a 24-25 record and while they never made the playoffs in those years, it was clear that the fans and players didn’t want to get rid of him.

The Minnesota Vikings happened to be next by firing their head coach Mike Zimmer. Some were talking about Minnesota potentially looking to move forward without Zimmer after being there since 2014. It was the first time in his tenure that Zimmer handed in back-to-back losing seasons for the Vikings. He was the seventh longest tenured coach in the league at the time of his firing.

All of these teams and a few others are looking into new head coaches as we speak. We will continue to update you about all the coaching moves that will be taking place these next couple of days.

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