Antonio Brown Goes Off on Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown is making it wildly difficult for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to just focus on their Week 18 opponent. Just when you think all the drama surrounding Brown has subsided, more stories just keep on pouring out. Antonio Brown was just on a podcast the other day, and he decided to take his frustrations out on everybody.

Let’s start out with his statements regarding Rob Gronkowski. Antonio stated that he was upset with his contract compared to his own. Continued by saying that Gronk is Tom Brady’s boy so why is he on a nice contract while he was sitting on a prove it deal. Brown also asked who could possibly be better than him on the Buccaneers roster.

He later aimed at Tom Brady, a man that everybody thought was good friends with Brown. His full statement was this, “Brady can’t do shit by himself. But you guys are going to make it seem like he’s just this heroic guy. We’re all humans, bro. We’re all dependent on somebody else to do the job. He also made sure to talk about how Brady and he aren’t really friends after all. Brown stated that Brady only acted like his friend because he needed him out on the football field in order to make himself look good. Finally, he was asked about living with Brady. Brown said, “Stay at his house? I’ve got my own money. I don’t need to stay at no one’s house. I’ve got my own house. Guys do that to influence you guys in the public.”

Antonio Brown Went at Arians Again

Of course, that wasn’t all. He went after Bruce Arians for the second time. He started by saying, “You’ve got a right to tell coach, ‘Yo, coach, I can’t go into the game.’ If it makes the coach irrational, emotional that I can’t do my job, that’s not humane.” He wasn’t done with Arians just yet, going on by saying, “at that point, bro, I’m taking your fucking logos off. I don’t want to wear that shit. I’m out of here.” This was in response to Arians telling him to get out on the sidelines.

He wrapped his podcast off on a strong note. Saying that he is still the best in the game despite his actions. He mentioned that the tape was all right there in front of us and that he was shocked he wasn’t receiving the ball like a number one receiver in Tampa Bay. Former offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers Todd Haley had asked Brown to join an Arena League after his outburst. Brown openly stated that he was Antonio Brown, and that he isn’t going to be playing in that league at all.

I’m sure this isn’t the end that we will hear from Brown, this drama seems too just be beginning.

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