Justin Fields Placed On COVID-19 List

We may not be seeing Justin Fields play again until next season. The rookie quarterback was just officially placed onto the COVID-19 list ahead of their regular season finale against the Minnesota Vikings.

The young signal caller was thrust into the lineup after fans called for him to play. He has since bounced in and out of the starting lineup due to injuries and coaching decisions. Due to that, the Chicago Bears have seen three different quarterbacks start throughout the year.

Fields has shown that he is developing to the speed of the NFL quickly. As the season has gone along, he put together a few great performances. One was against the Vikings when he posted a career high passer rating. The other was in a comeback attempt against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Is Justin Fields the Future for Chicago?

Nobody should be doubting that Fields is the future at the quarterback position for Chicago. Despite the early season struggles, it was clear that they need more offensive talent around him. The organization can’t rush his progression and needs to be patient with his development.

His development process is likely to continue without their head coach Matt Nagy. Justin Fields and Nagy clearly didn’t get off to a hot start, and some even thought that the coach was purposefully setting him up to lose.

Next season should look a lot different for the quarterback. Hopefully he is able to stay on the gridiron longer than he did this year. We haven’t watched Fields play in a few weeks now. He missed both Week 16 and Week 17 due to injury.

Fields hasn’t been ruled out of the upcoming contest with the Vikings. Though reporters claim it’s a longshot for him to hit the turf. Chicago wants to be incredibly cautious with someone who is going to be the future of their franchise.

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