Antonio Brown Has Meltdown on the Sideline

Antonio Brown may have just cost himself his NFL career. The troubled wide receiver just added another mess to his long list of issues over the course of his career. Late in the third quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New York Jets, Brown had taken the top half of his uniform off before leaving the field.

According to recent reports, their head coach Bruce Arians had asked for Brown to re-enter the game multiple times. Brown had refused to step into the match on both occasions. It was then said that Arians told Brown to leave. To which Brown responded by taking off half his clothes, throwing them into the stands and waving goodbye before running into the tunnel.

Some fans caught the incident on tape. You could see that both Mike Evans and O.J. Howard attempted to convince the wideout to remain on the field. However, it was clear that no convincing would have changed his mind about this decision. Check out the video here.

What happens to Antonio Brown now?

Almost immediately after the game concluded with the Buccaneers coming out on top, Arians told the media that Brown is “no longer a Buc.” While all of this may seem wildly random and unexplainable, there may be a little something extra that isn’t being disclosed here. Though we don’t know if that information will ever see the light of day, if there is any.

Antonio was just shy of reaching over $1 million worth of incentives this season. All he needed was 11 receptions, 281 yards and two touchdowns in order to get the full amount. He had three receptions for 26 yards in the game that he stormed off against the Jets, so a big game in the season finale could have still netted him that amount.

Tom Brady was asked about Brown’s disappearance in the second half after the game. He said, “We all love him and care about him deeply. We want to see him be at his best. Unfortunately, it won’t be on our team. I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic toward some very difficult things that are happening.”

It is currently unknown whether or not Brown may wind up on another team this season. Or, if he gets another contract anywhere in the league for the rest of his career for that matter. Could this have been the last game that Antonio Brown has played?

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