Jalen Ramsey Seen Punching Teammate on Sideline

During the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Baltimore Ravens, Rams defensive backs Jalen Ramsey and Taylor Rapp got into a scuffle. They began fighting on the sidelines after keeping their distance for a while at first. It isn’t currently known what set the two men off. Though something clearly got under their skin. Cameras caught Rapp’s head snapping back from a hit to the face, a hit that was sent by Ramsey. After being hit, Rapp went to lunge at him in the huddle but got himself restrained by the rest of the guys that were there.

The Rams didn’t allow any points on that next Baltimore drive despite the fighting. Something that makes the fight all the more confusing. It certainly isn’t ever a good look for your star defensive player to be throwing punches at his teammates back there.

Fans and media members alike took no time in dissecting the play on social media. Let’s just say they didn’t hold anything back. Some claimed that Jalen Ramsey was just showing his true colors and that he is a selfish player on the field. Others say the opposite. That he was just frustrated with a play and his passion boiled over onto the field. Regardless, this isn’t what Los Angeles needs at the moment.

What’s next for the Rams and Ravens?

The Rams need to pull out a win against the Ravens if they have any hopes of claiming the number one seed out in the NFC. As for the Ravens, a loss would put them on a five-game losing streak. It would make entering the playoffs nearly impossible on top of that. You can take a look at the video here.

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